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Producing a horror story is not as easy as the horror books writers need to come up with thrills and chills, fearsome characters, shocking and electrifying plot and a 'wanting for more' element. We compose horror books that are aimed to add an intense feeling of fear, terror and occasionally disgust and devilish. A best and successful horror book reveals malevolent or wicked deeds, characters or intentions, with a heightened feeling of fear, shock or mystery.

A sense of uncanny and supernatural things taking place or happening along the way will raise the bar of horror for the readers. Our horror story and novel writers add intense or frightening emotion, tone or environment will produce a sense of ominous and diabolic possibility. Our horror fiction writers add a scary and shocking plot, with morbid situations and/ or multiple emergences of violence leading to horrible death. With unsettling and unfamiliar events, characters or plot, a horror book can end up with a thrilling and chilling effect that will stimulate an electrifying effect and impression on the readers.

Disclaimer: These books do not belong to Ghost Book Write, these are provided here just for the reference purpose and belong solely to the author.

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  • Spencer Whitfield

    Spencer Whitfield

    He has been particularly interested in self-help and motivating books which impel individuals to bring about a positive change in their circumstances, to

  • Spencer Whitfield

    Elbert Smith

    An experienced and professional screenwriter as well as a ghostwriter of both fiction and non-fiction. He stays true to the concept at hand while blending

  • Spencer Whitfield

    Grace Hughes

    She pursued his curiosity by taking up a Bachelor's degree, while, simultaneously, interning in marketing and networking at S&S Marketers. He has an eye

  • Spencer Whitfield

    Scott Truax

    He is an experienced and professional screenwriter as well as a ghostwriter of both fiction and non-fiction with before/behind the camera production work

  • Spencer Whitfield

    Adams Coleman

    Adams Coleman is an accomplished, enthusiastic writer offering a solid background and experience in education, writing, content production, talent hosting

  • Spencer Whitfield

    Sophia Burton

    Sophia Burton is a senior professor, working at one of the famed institutes in the country. The amalgam of numbers and formulas is what makes him wake


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